Timofey Musatov, the lawyer of the arrested last summer in Greece on charges of fraud and money laundering Alexander winnick, said that the extradition of his ward now the USA and Russia requires another country – France. A corresponding urgent request was sent to Greece on 15 June.

Charges French law enforcement agencies relate to hacking a group of hackers involving winnik’s e-mail of thousands of users and further to extort them of money. According to the decision of the investigator and the Prosecutor of the court of Paris had issued an arrest warrant winnick accused him in “crime in cyberspace, the legalization of proceeds from criminal activity, participation in a criminal organization.”

“The request of France, confirms the version of protection on the value of Alexander winnick as an expert and someone who has valuable information in the field of kryptonyte,” said Musatov.

The lawyer is sure that without consideration of the Greek court’s request of France winnik cannot be expelled from the country nor in USA nor in Russia:

“The French request would conflict with American and Russian. The procedure will be lengthy. Likely also the first instance and the Supreme court.

…I do not exclude that any other country will join this, as I expected a year ago”, — said the lawyer.

However winnick new charges were dismissed.

“Alexander said that he denies all charges and has no connection with France,” said the second lawyer rossiyaninu Ilias Spiliadis.

Recall that in may Vinnik twice appealed to law enforcement agencies and the authorities of the Russian Federation and wrote a letter with a request to protect him and to return home in exchange for knowledge and experience in the blockchain-the field that he is ready “to apply for the benefit of Russia”. And in January 2018, he asked for political asylum from the authorities of Greece.

4 Oct 2017 the Greek court decided to extradite winnik in the US, where he faces up to 20-55 years in prison and a fine of $12 million A few days later, endorsed the request for his extradition from Russia, where the punishment is up to six years of imprisonment. The Supreme court of Greece, which asked protection, dismissed the appeal and upheld the decision on the issuance winnik USA.