The best wallet developers submitted updates to models One best wallet, best wallet Model T and UI best wallet Wallet. Among them — support updates Overwinter in the network zcash for, support format addresses Cashaddr Bitcoin for Cash and updated APIs to Fiat currency, quotes in pairs with digital assets now provides analytical resource CoinMarketCap.

Releasing updates for nearly everything: the Model T best wallet, best wallet One and Wallet best wallet!

Inside, you will find zcash for Overwinter, Bitcoin Cash Cashaddr, expanded coins & token support, and more.

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— Best wallet (@best wallet) June 25, 2018

Note, in version best wallet Model T 2.0.7 added support for cryptocurrency NEM, which was previously only available in a hardware wallet best wallet One.

Best wallet in the Model T also introduced a new cryptocurrency: Lisk, Bitcoin Private Fujicoin, Vertcoin, Viacoin, Zcoin; and tokens: EOS Classic, Ethereum Social, Ellaism, Callisto, EtherGem, Wanchain.

It should be emphasized that user interface best wallet Wallet yet provides access only to Vertcoin, and other coins are available in third-party services.

Best wallet in One added support Decred, and the above Groestlcoin cryptocurrency. The list of supported token devices matched.

We will add that in addition to the Vertcoin in the UI appeared and Dogecoin.

The developers have warned users best wallet One that the update to version 1.6.2 will require complete removal of data from the memory device. To restore work you will need to use the correct sid-phrase the instructions for testing which is available here.

Earlier best wallet has introduced a new version of the software Bridge that makes a connection between the Internet browser and the wallet.