Co-founder and former CEO of Ripple, and Chris Larsen made the list of 400 leading world’s richest according to Forbes, taking the 383-th place. He became the first ever person involved in the rating, whose condition is made exclusively through cryptocurrencies.

Forbes estimates the state of a Larsen $2.1 billion In the first place on the list was Jeff Bezos, for the year earned $78.5 billion Now the head of Amazon $160 billion, which enabled him to oust bill gates from the first place the financial Olympus. This is a significant event because the gates were the main bags as much as 24 years.

Judging by the list, the rich just get richer: the minimum level of state required in order to get ranked increases (this time, by the way, the list debuted, the head of Dropbox drew Houston). Average net assets of persons involved in the rating increased by half, to $7.2 billion

According to a report published this year by Credit Suisse, 1% of super-rich people owns half the world’s wealth. According to experts, this figure is likely to increase to two thirds by 2030.

Larsen owns 5.19 billion XRP tokens, he also owns shares of the Ripple. In January last year, Forbes estimated the net worth of the entrepreneur at $37.3 billion, Then the token was worth $2.39 and last week its price was $0.47 per. The price downturn has caused a reduction of the size of the state of Larsen to $2.1 billion.

Despite the volatility, the prospects Larsen, Garlinghouse and other holders of XRP are very optimistic, given the recent launch of cross-border payment solutions xRapid. Recall, this event led to a sharp increase in the price of a token at the end of September. However, one run was not enough to see the price of XRP has remained stable. Further growth is possible due to the wide distribution of the product xRapid.

Forbes first published a list of entrepreneurs who made his fortune solely on crypto-currencies in February 2018. The rating also showed that Chris Larsen kryptomere all the richer. The second place it took co-founder of Ethereum and ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin, the third went to the head Binance Canpany Zhao. Note that while the dollar wealth of the defendants list was much more impressive than it is now, after a General market downturn.

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