Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex denies the rumors about its insolvency, stating that “as one of a handful of exchanges operating in 2013 with a small team and low operating costs, does not understand the charges against her accusations without explanations.” Moreover, the representatives of Bitfinex provided links to three cool crypto that store “a small part of the funds of the” project bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS: ~ $1 billion, $400 million and $200 million, respectively.

“Bitfinex is not insolvent, and the constant stream of articles on Medium, in which state the opposite, can not change,” – said in published on the Medium positions of the crypto currency exchange.

However, the company assured that the withdrawal in cryptocurrency, and Fiat currency is its customers without semestinya problems, and reports of a possible insolvency of the Puerto Rican Bank, Noble Bank, which was connected to the work of the crypto currency exchange does not affect the operation, stability and solvency Bitfinex. Thus in mass media there was information that the crypto currency exchange started to serve in HSBC Bank with the mediation of Global Trading Solutions.

We will remind, in the summer legal company Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan, LLP (FSS) reported that, although not conducted a formal audit of the company’s Tether, however, had access to her Bank accounts in two banks in a few weeks and can confirm that on June 1, the balance of the Issuer USDT was about $2.55 billion And earlier researchers from the Department of Finance the University of Texas published a paper on the impact licenzirovanie USDT dollar to bitcoin exchange rate in 2017, and came to the conclusion that the Issuer of the token was manipulated bitcoin market.