Semi-professional football club “Gibraltar United” will be the first in the world, players who will receive a salary in bitcoin.

Team owner Dana Pablo (Pablo Dana) invested in cryptocurrency Quantocoin — in it players will be payments made. The relevant payment agreement will be included in the contracts of the players for the next season.

According to the owner of the club, the introduction of cryptocurrency to pay the wages provides greater transparency. In addition, it simplifies financial relations with foreign players performing for the club — they do not need to open a Bank account in Gibraltar.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, they began gradually to infiltrate the football world. In January of this year the Turkish team Harunustaspor first in the world to pay the player’s transfer in bitcoin. In April, the Portuguese football legend Luis Figo (Luís Figo) has become a brand Ambassador platform-Football-Stars. And Colombian star James Rodriguez (James Rodriguez) has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency.