Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer has warned its users about the possible blocking of accounts, convicted of market manipulation. It is reported Bitcoin.com.

“In accordance with the Terms of use, we can freeze the accounts, seen in the deliberate manipulation of market or other forms of undue influence on prices. We will continue to do everything possible to create an effective market environment”, — reads the statement of the exchange.

Meanwhile, registration of new accounts on bitFlyer continue to be suspended at the request of local financial regulator. As the newspaper notes, the latter insists on the implementation of 10 measures aimed at “improving the effectiveness of business operations and management system”.

However, given some of the problems with bitFlyer, the first serious successes reported another Japanese exchange — GMO Coin. According to its representatives, the company managed in the second quarter to an operating profit of € 1 612 million yen (approximately $14.5 million). While in the first quarter of this year, the crypto currency exchange recorded some loss in the GMO Coin was associated with a decline in activity due to a significant decline in prices of digital assets.

Currently, GMO Coin continues to accept applications from people wishing to provide their bitcoins for a loan at 5% per annum. Accepting applications for the provision of cryptocurrencies in the amount of from 10 to 200 BTC will last until 6 August.

As for the crypto currency exchange Coincheck, which soon after hacking became the property of the online broker Monex, its a complete restart is scheduled for August.

On this account, the President Monex Group Oki Matsumoto stated the following:

“I would like to implement a complete restart of the services Coincheck in August. With the entry of the company in Monex Group management system Coincheck has undergone significant improvement.”

ForkLog previously reported that Monex plans to expand the “crypto-expansion” to the American market through its division Tradestation Group.