One of the largest global asset managers Fidelity Investments announced the launch of a division focused on providing institutional investors clients to trade bitcoin and Ethereum. This writes The Forbes.

The new unit is called Fidelity Digital Assets and, with staff of 100 employees, will be around the clock and seven days a week to provide a platform for trading cryptocurrencies and Advisory services.

The platform already has the first customers, but it will run for a wider range of investors scheduled for early 2019.

“It’s a recognition that the class of these assets is the institutional demand. Family foundations, hedge funds, other thoughtful investors are beginning to think seriously about this space,” — said the head of the Fidelity of Digital Assets That Jessop.

In particular, the Fidelity of Digital Assets will offer service for the conclusion of transactions, which, using an internal router casinomania and orders, would do the bidding through a third-party liquidity providers.

One of the most popular offers of the company can also be a service for storing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. We are talking about physical stores distributed across different geographical locations and offering so-called “cold” storage of digital assets. This method of storing cryptocurrency without access to the Internet and multi-level control system is considered today one of the most secure and resistant to hacking.

As noted Fidelity Investments CEO Abigail Johnson, the purpose of the new platform is to make digital assets like bitcoin more accessible to investors.

Fidelity Investments is the fifth-largest asset Manager in the world, offering services on investments and custody of funds 13 the thousands of consulting firms and brokers. In total, the company manages assets in the amount of $7.2 trillion.

We will remind, about possibility of launch of cryptocurrency services, Fidelity Investments announced last month. The CEO Abigail Johnson has previously stated that he believes in the potential of digital currencies as well as interest in mining and blockchain technology.

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