Onchain Capital founder and host of Cryptotrader on CNBC Africa Ran Neu ner I am sure that the price of the first crypto-currencies are likely to continue to fall to $5900. It is reported by CCN.

According to him, the fall in the price of cryptocurrencies is not due to the recent break-ins cripture. This, according to ner, as if to say that the robbery of a Bank entails the problems with the U.S. dollar.

The main reason for the fall in the price of bitcoin ner calls insufficient demand for the cryptocurrency, which, according to him, serves as a “digital gold”.

Also, the analyst is convinced that the short-term UPS and downs in the prices of cryptocurrencies should not worry about those who do believe in the ability of blockchain technology to penetrate all business sectors.

“If the price of bitcoin will reach 20,40 or 80 thousand dollars within a few years, no one will have to worry about whether the purchased bitcoin at $6000 or $6500. Only day traders working at the scale of less than a year should worry about the current drop in market prices”, — said Ran Neu ner.

And still ner believes that a serious problem may be the break down level of $5000. In this case, he stated that mining bitcoins may become unprofitable and the companies engaged in the extraction of the first pereorientirovanija on cryptocurrencies altcoins. This situation will bring significant changes in the state of the infrastructure of bitcoin, which in turn may adversely affect the long-term prospects of the cryptocurrency.

Note that in the world there is much more optimistic analysts of the market of cryptocurrencies. In may, the head of the exchange BitMEX has expressed confidence that the price of bitcoin may be the end of this year to reach the $50 000.

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