Over the next 10 years, the capitalization of the cryptocurrencies will reach $100 trillion, 10% of which will be in bitcoin. This forecast was voiced by well-known venture capitalist Tim Draper in an interview with TheStreet.

A longtime supporter of bitcoin said that Fiat currency out of circulation very soon. Draper also stated that he had enough cryptocurrency to live in the next four to five years without wanting for anything. Therefore, he is not interested in keeping money in Fiat currencies as they depreciate over time.

“Recently, I spoke with people from the Federal reserve and told them that they should find a new job in the next 10 years, because during this time there will be no need for using centralized currencies,” he said.

According to Draper, if Donald trump asked him to develop a “cryptocurrency U.S. policy”, the first thing he would have made bitcoin a national currency.

”I think over the next four years there will be a big change, and people will massively to make purchases in bitcoin”, — said the investor.

In his opinion, the USA need to create a separate body for the regulation of the cryptocurrency market, which is not subordinate to the securities and exchange Commission or commodity futures trading.

ForkLog previously reported that in may Tim Draper dedicated the song bitcoin.