Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx on its website announced that it intends to apply the new rules, according to which all users will need to verify your account to be able to withdraw funds. The new rules come into force on 28 August.

To obtain first level verification, which corresponds to a daily limit of 2 BTC, nastojashee time enough to provide your passport details.

The second level of verification with a daily limit of 100 BTC requires you to fill information about the place of residence and provide copies of the documents confirming data from the first and second paragraphs.

OKEx draws attention to the fact that users are allowed to have only one account on the exchange, in connection with which asks them to withdraw funds from other accounts to the introduction of the new rules in force, if any. The new requirements also apply to users of the exchanges that are open for the affiliate program OKEx.

Previously, as a General rule, users OKEx was allowed to withdraw up to 100 BTC per day.