Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken tonight confirmed that it will put up for bidding tokens Bitcoin ABC, one of the two circuits, formed after the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash last week, under the symbol BCH. Along with this exchange starts trading tokens of the second chain – Bitcoin SV and distributes its assets among the holders of the original Bitcoin Cash.

“Warning: Bitcoin does not conform to the standard criteria of listing Kraken. It should be considered as extremely high-risk investment. There are many disturbing signals, which traders should pay attention to,” the Kraken highlights in bold, and then transfers the signals:

  • None of the purses does not protect against re-play;
  • Major observers of the blockchain doesn’t provide support;
  • Miners obviously are or are working at a loss;
  • Representatives threaten and Express open hostility towards other circuits;
  • The survival of one chain is mutually exclusive to other circuits;
  • The offer is temporarily limited due to incomplete support of purses;
  • Certain large holders were given to understand that they will sell in no time;
  • Kraken has carried out the minimal test code.

The exchange also notes that the losses that may be incurred as a result of the attacks nChain and other supporters of Bitcoin SV, will be distributed among the holders of BSV.

“Given the volatile state of the network and sounding threats, the Kraken can not guarantee faultless storage BSV”, adds the company.

BSV trade on Kraken in pairs with bitcoin, the dollar and the Euro was launched today at 02:30 GMT. In tandem with the dollar at present, its rate is about $77.

Earlier exchange Huobi announced that it will appoint the Ticker BCH chain Bitcoin ABC.

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