Russian Association of kryptonyte and blockchain (RAKIB) opens a new direction of work – neutralization cyberrisks.

Under the new direction of experts RAKIB together with players in the insurance market and companies-participants of the Association will develop insurance products that will allow to minimize the main risks encountered in the course of working on blockchain projects.

An important event that enabled to bring the work on insurance cyberrisks to a new level, was the meeting of President RAKIB Yuri Pripachkin and regional President AIG MEA (Middle East and Africa), a global leader in the insurance industry, Steven Barnett.

During the meeting were discussed the main tendencies of market development of cyberstructure in Russia and prospects for start personal and corporate products aimed at representatives of the Russian kriptonyte. According to Barnett, now AIG is ready to offer Russian audience truly interesting and profitable insurance products.

In RAKIB the development of insurance cyberrisks will take the Vice-President for development and regulation of markets Valery Petrov.

The Association invites to cooperation all interested parties.

Recall that earlier this year RAKIB established a “white list” of parties to kriptonyte in Russia.