The crypto currency exchange Kraken has published an infographic with statistics on received requests from law enforcement and regulators for 2018. According to the data, last year the number of requests from the authorities have increased three times compared to 2017.

Only in 2018 the exchange has received 475 requests. Most of them had American organs (315). So, Bureau of investigation, national security Agency USA (HSI) sent 91 requests, the FBI (FBI) is 67, and the Office of the drug enforcement administration (DEA) – 40.

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commission on commodity futures trading (CFTC) was disturbed by the Kraken, not so much. They sent in a total of 29 queries.

While U.S. citizens make up only about 20% of all clients of the exchange.

“Now you can see why so many businesses choose to block American users. The cost of processing subpoenas (regardless of license) are rapidly becoming a barrier to entry,” said the exchange in Twitter.

According to Kraken, only in USA there are 11 different departments, which can send requests to the exchange. The company noted that the processing of such applications takes a lot of time and effort, which is quite a burden. But the market does not always provide the required information. So, in April, Kraken refused to answer the request of the attorney General of the state of new York.

Note also that in the last two years the SEC has opened more than 90 cases against cryptomery, while most of them were launched in 2018.

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