The developers of Ethereum Foundation in conjunction with the start-up Matter Inc. launched Ignis solutions for scaling on the basis of Plasma technology and ZKSNARKs the test network. The decision Ignis is able to achieve a throughput of 500 transactions per second or more.

In Ignis verification of the transaction by the user is replaced by SNARK-proof of the correctness of the new unit, which automatically verificarea smart contract. From the perspective of the user the entire procedure is little different from the normal transmission of transaction through the blockchain, however, the Commission in the case of using Ignis are much lower.

Currently the block size is limited Ignis eight transactions, as the current prototype only serves to confirm the efficiency of SNARK evidence, but in the full version, the block size will be 1 600. The developer of Ethereum Foundation Alex Glukhovsky (Alex Gluchowski) explained that the proposed system only makes sense in high load conditions. Otherwise, the user can perform a normal transaction in the blockchain.

According to Glukhovsky, the probability of detection of a bug in the smart contract is relatively small because of the simplicity of its code. The more complex part is the handling of THE evidence. In the future the developers intend to hold the ceremony of creating a trusted environment similar to that used in zcash for.

Recall that recently the developers of Ethereum has taken a new step in the fight against ASIC-mining – decided to implement a new algorithm, which will close the access to the miners using ASIC equipment, leaving mining for those who practice mining cryptocurrency in the traditional way.