The operator Ethereum-wallet MyCrypto closed a round of series A financing, which raised $4 million from Polychain Capital, according to CoinDesk.

Among investors, companies Boost VC, ShapeShift, Ausum Blockchain Fund LP, CEO Mainframe Mick Hagen and co-founder of bitcoin startup Earn Lily Lou.

According to CEO MyCrypto Taylor, Monahan, one of the main problems in the industry is the difficulty when purchasing or making transactions with cryptocurrencies.

To solve this problem MyCrypto plans for the funds raised to hire a team of developers and designers that will help to simplify cryptocurrency operations for beginners with an enhanced user interface.

“Now the company MyCrypto consists mainly of engineers, and I believe that we need to create a team that will be even more to protect users, while having extensive experience in user interface and design,” she added.

ForkLog previously reported that Polychain Capital invested in the platform smart contracts Tezos.

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