Startup Aragon, leading development on the basis of Ethereum, is considering creating an additional network in the communication Protocol of the block chain Polkadot.

As reported by CoinDesk, the company’s technical Director Jorge Izquierdo (Izquierdo Jorge) made a run at the conference AraCon. According to him, they still intend to launch the network in Aragon on the Ethereum blockchain, but can additionally run aragonOS platform to create smart contracts on the Polkadot.

“The idea is to make the most of transaction aragonOS almost free and very optimized, so that users could manage the [decentralized Autonomous organizations] cheaper and faster way,” explained Iskierdo the online edition.

Polkadot is a Protocol of exchange and transformation of information between heterogeneous blockchain systems. It was designed by co-founder of Ethereum and Parity Technologies Gavin wood (Gavin Wood) under the auspices of the Swiss Foundation Web3 Foundation. Polkadot is positioned developers as a Supplement to leading platform of smart contracts Ethereum. But for the last step in the Aragon side of the Polkadot needs to be a warning, suggested by some.

“Aragon said that they migrate from Ethereum, they’re just exploring options. But I believe that it is a sign of warning from one of the most important ecosystems of applications on the network. I think we should take this warning into account,” said CoinDesk developer of Ethereum Rettig lane (Lane Rettig).

Recall that the ICO project Polkadot became one of the largest in 2017 — $140 million. Recently it became known that the team is planning another ICO with the goal to raise $60 million.