International certification and classification society DNV GL, which specializes in assessment, consulting and risk management, has invested in blockchain startup VeChain, expanding existing business relationships.

The volume of investments is not disclosed, and the General Director of the Chinese startup Sonny Lu (Sunny Lu) explained that the company will continue to partner on the use of VeChain for safe data storage supply chain.

In addition, DNV GL plans to become the first owner VeChain Authority Masternode — this means that society will have control over 101-they are a trusted master node public network VeChainThor.

Executive Director of DNV GL , Grisotti Luca (Luca Crisciotti) explained that the investment will be part of the efforts to improve existing processes. The initial agreement between the companies was aimed at effective monitoring of food supplies, beverages and other retail products.

Now the parties aimed to create a product for the control of supply chains for customers DNV technology VeChain.

“Our mission is the ability to ensure that the product reached the shelves and ultimately to the consumer. The obligation is that we provide our customers,” said Luke, Grisotti.

Earlier, a minority investor of a startup VeChain became one of the largest accounting firms in the world PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).