Experts specializing in the study of the development of kriptonyte company Diar reviewed the current status of outstanding ICO-tokens and concluded that 70% of them today are worth less than at the time of their proposal. Among the most unsuccessful projects in the ratio of borrowed funds and the current market capitalization appeared Sirin Labs, PumaPay, Envion, Paragon, Bancor, Bankex, Cryptosolartech, Kin, Olympus Labs and Leadcoin.

Overall, although the ICO projects are in 2018 to attract almost two times more investment than in the past year, the rate in this area is slowing. According to TokenData, in August to raise funds so managed 17 projects. In Autonomous Research specify that their collected funds amounted to $326 million

Thus in Diar note that 324 of the token, that is, more than a third of those that have attracted more than $2.3 billion in 2017-2018, has not yet been posted on cryptomeria, even though half of their teams made the rounds of funding in 2017. And 44 tokens, which raised $1 billion, virtually none of the liquidity, and the information about the distribution of tokens.

Recall that as of mid-September, although 62% of collected tokentalk funds were withdrawn or transferred from the accounts of the organizers of the ICO, 38% remained intact. I DigixDAO, Golem, Status, Aragon, Filecoin, Tezos and SingularDTV accounts remained more than 200 thousand ETH. For the first 10 days of the month the ICO projects sold 160 thousand ETH.