Japanese financial services Agency (FSA) issued the third order on the improvement of the company’s business Tech Bureau, the operator hacked last week of crypto currency exchange Zaif. The financial regulator has considered the investigation of a burglary that resulted in losses of nearly $60 million users and most of the crypto currency exchange, as well as the responses of affected persons are inadequate.

At the insistence of the FSA to the operator of crypto currency exchange will have to elaborate on the reasons for and details of the incident, establishing the persons responsible for the burglary, to provide accurate responses to affected customers and a description of measures that will prevent similar incidents in the future, taking into account the previously formulated requirements of the Department. The results of this work the FSA expects from Tech Bureau written reports in time to September 27.

At the same time employees of the FSA continued the inspection of the company and may take further measures – up to the limit of the company’s activities and/or the revocation of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Recall that Zaif revealed information about the burglary a few days after the incident. And FSA after cracking the crypto currency exchange Coincheck, the damage from which amounted to $530 million, increases the demands on systems management and security Japanese kryptomere. In February, Zaif there was a system failure that allowed the traders to buy bitcoins for free, and in March and June, the Tech Bureau has received two orders from the FSA.