The CEO of blockchain, the company Bloq and one of the supporters of the failed hard forks SegWit2x Jeff garzik’s announced the creation of Aldona Metronome, which worked since October of last year. This writes the CCN.

#Metronome has officially launched!

Read the important reminders from yesterday’s email: and the Owner’s Manual:

The Auction Board and Wallet download are both available on

— Metronome Token (@MTNToken) 18 Jun 2018

“Institutional investors should be extremely excited about such a product. We have created a cryptocurrency for the ages,” said co-founder of the Matthew Roszak.

The main advantage of the new althena Jeff garzik’s called mobility, which will allow owners of tokens with smart contracts it easy to move assets from one network to another. He claims that this feature will allow the Metronome to exist for many generations, even if the underlying blackany will permanently disappear.

Also Metronome is allocated through an auction with decreasing price. This means that the exchange rate of cryptocurrency on causale will gradually decrease, until there will be no more tokens. According to the developers, this system will ensure a fair cost distribution.

Recall that by the start of the world Cup blockchain platform Waves produced 100 thousand tokens MutCoin.

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