Japanese SBI Virtual Currencies added support of two leading cryptocurrency — bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash, which will be traded on a crypto currency exchange VCTRADE, managed by the company.

Trading platform, which was expected to launch earlier this year, opened in early June. Initially, users who have pre-registered last fall, was available to trade in a pair of Ripple (XRP) against the yen.

Now, as promised by the company when starting a cryptocurrency exchange, clients sites got the opportunity to trade in tandem with the yen the first and fourth of the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. According to local media, supporting the second cryptocurrency — Ethereum — the company plans to add soon.

For all three cryptocurrencies VCTRADE clients can trade the bet in range from 500 ($5,5) to 5 million yen (approximately $45,3 million). Alternatively, they can place their orders in the cryptocurrency from 0.0001 to 40 BCH, 0,0001-5 10-70 000 BTC or XRP.

SBI Virtual Currencies is a joint venture of the venture capital division of SBI Group — SBI Holdings and crypto currency exchange Huobi. The company is among the 16 kryptomere licensed by the Agency for the financial services authority (FSA) of Japan.

In SBI Group previously talked about plans to attract customers to their business by trading in securities on their own cryptology site. SBI Securities from 4.17 million user accounts is the country’s largest trading platform for securities.

Recall that SBI Virtual Currencies together with other 15 licensed FSA cryptomeria in April of this year formed the Japanese Association of cryptocurrency exchanges. This self-regulatory body organized to develop a “comprehensive rules” for the industry and to regain the trust of users towards it.