Cambridge Associates, a large investment company, also providing consulting services to institutional investors, urged them to pay attention to scriptactive as a long-term investment.

Company, of Boston advises funds, including pension, private and government institutions, under management assets of $389 billion. in addition, Cambridge Associates directly manages the Fund of $30 billion.

“Despite the challenges, we believe that investors should start to study this area today, focusing on the long term. Although these investments entail a high degree of risk, some may radically change the world of digital technology,” wrote in a research note professionals Cambridge Associates.

Despite the downturn of the stock market in 2018, analysts say cryptocurrency landscape as a whole convincingly demonstrates “industry, which develops, without slowing the pace”. They advise potential investors to carefully research and study the industry, and also choose a variety of investment opportunities — from working in illiquid venture capital funds to direct spot trade on cryptomeria.

Earlier, one of the largest investment cryptomery Grayscale Investments is reported that in 2018 its products attracted $359,5 million investment, two thirds of which were investment funds and institutions. Morgan Creek Digital, managing institutional digital assets, said about attracting the first investment from public pension funds in the cryptocurrency industry.