On a little-known Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange with limited liquidity, an unknown trader bought bitcoin at a price that was much higher than the market, according to CCN.

So, for 0.0047 BTC he paid 340 Brazilian reais ($91). At this rate 1 BTC would cost him $19 400.

The current market price of 0.0047 BTC is just over $18.

By assumption, the CCN, the transaction was concluded as a result of inexperience of the trader.

“He has placed on the purchase of a large order, and thus emptied the entire glass of sell orders. Before buying bitcoin at a price of $19 400, he also bought the application at the price of $16 000, $13 000 and $10 000”, — writes portal.

Let’s add that the maximum exchange rate of bitcoin on the Brazilian stock exchanges in December 2017 reached $18 900.

We will remind, in July 2018 Binance crypto currency exchange has suspended operations after one of the users paid 96 BTC for Syscoin one token.