In the annually compiled list of the inhabitants of China, whose fortune is estimated at no less than 2 billion yuan ($288 million), included 13 members of the cryptocurrency industry.

In the ranking of Hurun China Rich List of the research Institute Hurun of those involved in the new industry the highest place on the size of personal capital took Mikri Zhan (Zhan Zhan Micree or Ketuan) — Chairman and co-founder of mining giant Bitmain. With a fortune estimated at 29.5 billion ($4.25 billion), it is located on the 95th place.

Another co-founder of Bitmain — Jihan Wu (Wu Jihan) was on 205 place in the list with a personal worth of $16.5 billion yuan (2.38 billion).

Also in the Hurun China Rich List were the founders of the world’s largest cripture: Chanpen Zhao (Zhao Changpeng) — Binance, Min Xing Xu (Xu Mingxing) — OKCoin, Li Lin (Li Lin) — Huobi. Accordingly, the 230-th place with $2.1 billion, $254-nd 1.45 billion, 556 $1 billion.

In the Hurun China Rich List lists Whether Saoli (Li Xiaolai), known in China blockchain investor and bitcoin Mogul ($1 billion), and shareholders of competitors in the market Bitmain miners — companies Canaan Creative and Ebang International Holdings.

And topped the list of the Institute Hurun founder of the giant e-Commerce Alibaba Group Jack MA (Jack Ma) with $39.1 billion. it is Noteworthy that Alibaba is actively experimenting with blockchain technology, while Jack MA believes bitcoin “bubble”.