Specializing in cybersecurity, the American company CipherTrace calculated that for 9 months of 2018 cryptocurrency exchanges lost from theft by hackers of $927 million, which is almost 250% higher than last year, when it was stolen $266 million

In a fresh analytical report of the company also stated postoyannoi increase in the number cryptobiotic theft in the amount of $20-60 million in the third quarter they accounted for $173 million losses of cripture. However, in CipherTrace sure that the information about the kidnapping of more than $60 million in cryptocurrency was hidden.

In addition, analyzing data from 20 leading cripture, the company’s specialists came to the conclusion that since 2009, the bitcoin transactions related to laundering of funds obtained by illegal means, most likely, also, by almost 50% more than the officially announced $2.5 billion.

Chapter CipherTrace Dave Jevans (Dave Jevans) explained that financial regulators: in the development of AML practices are lagging behind for several years, and only a few really serious approach to the prevention of money laundering. He declined to name specific crypto currency exchange involved in such schemes, but stated that criminal elements spent through their shopping 236,979 BTC, that is at least $1.56 billion.

Recall that, according to the previous report CipherTrace, for the first half of 2018 cryptocurrencies were washed 3 times more money than the whole of 2017. In August, representatives of the research team Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI), calling for honesty and transparency in cryptosphere, published a work which shows that more than 70 of the top 100 kryptomere tracked service CoinMarketCap, involved in the laundering of illegal funds. The analysis of data on 130 cryptomeria suggests that the stated daily trading volume daily overstated by $6 billion, and laundered the amount exceeds 67% of the daily trading volume.