Operating officer of blockchain startup Blockstream Mau Samson (Samson Mow) announced the launch of the Liquid Network – innovative sidechained bitcoin, “providing the opportunity to conduct quick, secure transactions privacy, which are so necessary to exchanges, brokers, market makers and financial institutions around the world.”

The first block of the blockchain Liquid was generated on September 27, and the participants were 23 such a major player in the stock market, as Altonomy, Atlantic Financial, Bitbank, Bitfinex, Bitmax, BitMEX, Bitso, BTCBOX, BTSE, Buull Exchange, DGroup, Coinone, Crypto Garage, GOPAX, Korbit, L2B Global, OKCoin, The Rock Trading, SIX Digital Exchange, Unocoin, Xapo, XBTO and Zaif.

Features of the solution is to bind Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) to the original in the ratio of 1 to 1, the tool Issued Assets (IA), which gives users the ability to create your own licenzirovanie assets and technology Confidential Transaction, ensuring that the type and size of asset transaction is posted, known only to the immediate participants in the operation.

In the future, developers of the project intend to integrate with crypto GreenAddress, start a new client with the open source Liquid Wallet, as well as to implement support for hardware cryptocell Ledger and best wallet.

Recall that in August last year Blockstream announced the launch of Blockstream project Satellite, which allows to transmit data in the bitcoin network through leased satellites.