The former Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and CEO of CoinLab, Peter Vincennes allegedly requires the bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox about 1.6 trillion yen ($16 billion). This was announced by attorney Daniel Kelman.

Peter @vessenes is now confirmed as the party claiming ¥1.6 JPY in damages from MtGox. He apparently thinks MtGox victims should get nothing.

— Daniel Kelman (@danielkelman) February 1, 2019.

“He probably thinks that the victims of Mt.Gox wasn’t supposed to” — he stressed.

In 2012, Mt.Gox and CoinLab entered into an agreement, under which the latter supposedly became the intermediary between the exchange and users in the United States. In 2013, in Mt.Gox said that CoinLab correctly interpreted their powers, whereupon the company immediately filed a lawsuit to the trading platform.

The conflict escalated when the exchange filed a counter-suit, accusing opponents of stealing $5 million from users of the site. After the fall of Mt.Gox legal battles not over, and CoinLab sued for tens of millions of dollars against the parent company of the exchange, Tibanne.

Under the civil rehabilitation of users of Mt.Gox is likely to return about $1 billion. However, it is not entirely clear, as they can affect claims Vincennes on future payments.

The community has sharply criticized the actions of the head CoinLab. So, the CEO bitcoin exchange Kraken, Jesse Powell expressed outrage at the possible delays of payments to victims because of the “empty claims”.

Unbelievable balls on this guy to hold up payouts to thousands of victims for years with an entirely frivolous claim over a botched attempt partnership. How could you think that your $16B claim should be senior to the actual account holders’? How do you show your face?

— Jesse Powell (@jespow) February 1, 2019.

“How can you think that your claim to the $16 billion is more important than the interests of direct account holders at Mt.Gox?”.

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