Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX is unable to access the wallets with the funds of the users on CAD 250 million ($190 million), according to CoinDesk, citing a statement previously filed in court, the Supreme court of the province of Nova Scotia.

Thus, about 115 thousand users had a crypto (CAD 180 million) and Fiat balances (70 million CAD).

As the newspaper notes, in the exchange’s wallet is stored 26 500 BTC, BCH 11 000, 11 000 BSV, 35 000 BTG, LTC 200 000 and 430 000 ETH. A large part of these funds is likely to be in cold storage.

Representatives of QuadrigaCX argue that CEO Gerald Cotten, allegedly died of Crohn’s disease in India in early December, 2018, solely responsible for the management of cold wallets. Nevertheless, evidence of his death, the community never received.

It is noteworthy that the payment processors Billerfy and WB21 allegedly keep some Fiat funds QuadrigaCX; the first cannot find a banking partner to process the corresponding payments, and the second simply does not answer the queries of the exchange.

Earlier, QuadrigaCX went to the “technical work”. The exchange website is not available so far.

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