Cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin, deserve to be part of a sustainable future of the global economy, says CEO and President of leading on the Nasdaq stock exchange adena Friedman. She wrote about this in his recent post on LinkedIn.

Comments by Friedman about cryptocurrency and its views on other aspects of the further development of markets was published on the eve launched today, the International economic forum in Davos.

As recalled by the head of the Nasdaq, after the bitcoin storm took the world ten years ago, there were still a few thousand cryptocurrencies, who are fighting for the attention of investors. The concept of “crypto” at the same time, she notes, passed through the first stage of the classic life cycle of any technological invention: from the early pioneers to the hype, which has come a large number of newcomers, and the inevitable fraction of reality.

The future, says adena Friedman, has two possible scenarios:

1) Cryptocurrency will find practical application and will be integrated into the economy;
2) Innovation and have not found wide recognition and its commercial application as a medium of exchange of values will be limited.

“However, it’s hard to ignore the huge number of investors, including the most sophisticated of them on a global scale, which in recent years has entered the digital currency. This technology in itself is a stunning demonstration of the genius and creativity and deserves to find its place in the sustainable future of our economy,” she says.

According to Friedman, in order to cryptocurrencies found a practical application in life and had a stable value, you first need clarity from the authorities and regulators. She also noted the efforts of the Nasdaq, which has recently invested in important cryptocurrency enterprises and plans in 2019, the launch of bitcoin futures.

We will remind, last summer, adena Friedman said that cryptocurrencies are at the peak of the cycle maturity of technology and can become a “financial element”.