Bitcoin enthusiast disagreed with Nick Szabo about the fate of gold and made his prediction for the first cryptocurrencies.

Alistair Milne (Alistair Milne), one of the early investors in bitcoin, I’m sure the cryptocurrency will rise again to a historical high. He justifies his point of view the fact that there is more transparency in the regulation of the cryptocurrency market, and this means that “the possibility of asymmetric rise of asset prices has become obvious.”

Milne did not rule out that bitcoin is cheaper, but predicts that bitcoin will eventually rise to the level of 100 thousand dollars, then there will be five times more compared to reached on 17 December 2017, a maximum of $20 085.

Still Bullish 1/6:
As early Bitcoin investors, we used to speculate about how it was an ‘asymmetric investment opportunity’ … i.e. you could lose 80% OR make several multiples on your investment

— Alistair Milne (@alistairmilne) January 19, 2019

According to the Milne “unlikely” that bitcoin reached a record value, focus on it and not rush further up:

“Every wave of price rise of this asset has always been higher than the previous”.

Based on this, he stated that he does not intend to sell their bitcoins, even when they will rise again as high as before. Future powerful bullish Milne is also associated with a much stronger sense of FOMO investors that they will occur.

That is, the EA indicates that at the exit batocina on the path of sustainable growth, further development will go in accordance with the snowball effect where more and more new investors will invest in the cryptocurrency, and fearing to miss the favorable moment.

Milne also stressed that the bitcoin will continue to move forward in fulfilling its role as a store of value, but believes that gold will remain interesting in this respect is an asset. Meanwhile, cryptographer Nick Szabo predicts that Central banks in the current year will begin to prefer bitcoins to gold.

With the price forecast Milne agrees and cryptoanalysis Michael Nai: in his view, bitcoin the next peak will occur at around 130 thousand dollars.

I’m calling the next top for #Bitcoin is $130,000.


— Michael Nye (@CryptoShillNye) January 20, 2019

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