CEO of crypto currency exchange Binance, Chanpen Zhao at a conference in Singapore stated that the company aims to gain a foothold in all promising markets, according to CoinSpeaker.

The platform has grown from a small project, which attracted $15 million in the course of the ICO, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. CEO of crypto currency exchange promised that in the next year on every continent will be at least one representation of the Binance, and ideally two.

However, there was still a lot of unresolved issues. The most complex involved in the regulation of cryptocurrency operations in specific States. Difficulties in relations with regulators often lead to complication of the process of attracting investors.

With the development of cryptocurrency market Binance plans to make your stock exchange is completely decentralized. Zhao said that in the first quarter of 2018 exchange got a profit of $200 million, and in the second quarter, the figure fell to $150 million But for the year, the team expects good financial results.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Binance is preparing to launch trading platform in Singapore and to give local traders an opportunity to make transactions with digital assets in tandem with the Singapore dollar.