Coinbase challenged the investigation of the Office of the attorney General (OAG) of the state of new York on combating market manipulation. The retraction was published today in the blog, Coinbase chief officer company policy Lampre Mike (Mike Lempres).

Says Lampre, the OAG report has led to “erroneous representations” of the media involvement of the exchange in the auction. The document stated that 20% of retail transactions processed by Coinbase, one way or another connected with the activities of the platform. In the second post Lampre explained that the exchange is not involved in the bidding “on the rights of ownership for their own benefit”. He added:

“Coinbase participation in the auction is in the interests of customers Coinbase Consumer and not for personal purposes”.

Lampre also stressed that such a high percentage is due to the high demand for services of brokerage provided by Coinbase Consumer within its own grounds.

In addition to the Coinbase on the report and complained to the crypto currency exchange Kraken. Its founder Jesse Powell (Jesse Powell) wrote in Twitter:

“[The government] of the state of new York akin to embittered former, obsessed with control, with which you broke up three years ago, but she continues to watch you, to poison your subsequent relationships, not wanting to admit that you’re already moving on and I feel much better without it. #smileshutter”.

Agreed with him and ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees (Erik Voorhees):

“Such people never recognize that the disorder occurred because of their behavior… new York will lose its position of world leader in the financial [markets], if nothing changes. Way to go, @jespow [Jesse]”.

And Powell and Voorhees has openly criticized the policy of the state government. During a joint speech at the conference of Consensus 2018 entrepreneurs in a rather abrupt manner told about his experience in new York and why did you decide to move business from the jurisdiction of local authorities.