The Slush Pool operator and developer of operating system for mining devices Braiins OS (bOS) is a Czech company Braiins Systems found that Antminer S9 from the manufacturer Bitmain is compatible with the optimization algorithm of the Protocol AsicBoost open.

Antminer S9 is actually capable of supporting overt #AsicBoost, however, the functionality is disabled by FPGA vendors design. We want to enable it. ✌it’s amazing

— braiins ⚡ I (@braiins_systems) 19 Oct 2018.

According to the study, technology can allow miners to save up to 13% of electricity costs. In Braiins Systems plan to upgrade an existing version of its operating system and provide users access to AsicBoost.

According to Braiins, software bmminer from Bitmain could theoretically request a pool have a specific version of bits in the block header through the unknown stratum-the extension that is incompatible with BIP310. However, the problem is that bmminer not notify the backend of programmable gate arrays which bits in the version field can be modified.

So, when bmminer activates the property of multiverse and received four midstate [the first half of the 128-byte hash] mining chip with a correctly specified version field, three of the four proposed device ball [signature block] will be rejected by all pools.

The developers are convinced that the most reasonable solution would be to rewrite the bit-stream programmable gate arrays from scratch that will allow you to generate the correct midstate from the first 64 bytes of the block header and use AsicBoost. However, the highlight of Braiins Systems, if Bitmain will rewrite this part of the code for bmminer and make it open, the changes will be immediately added to the operating system bOS.

Recall that the bOS were presented in late September. Operating system standartisied the working principles of devices and interaction with Slush Pool, and users have full control over the miners, in order to avoid the introduction of manufacturers of various exploits in the firmware of their products.