Company Karma Group filed a lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC in a Hong Kong court. This was reported in the company blog.

According to representatives of the project, exchange HitBTC, which is on the 7th place in the list of the largest kryptomere, received 527.01 ETH for listing tokens Karma (KRM), but did not fulfill its obligations. HitBTC has not provided any updates on the timing of the listing and not returned the funds.

Package Karma Group included the introduction of the blockchain, listing two trading pairs (BTC and ETH), retweet, as well as the inclusion of additional trading pairs with licenzirovanie USD (USDT).

A screenshot of the invoice

Representatives from HitBTC has committed to include in the listing tokens Karma until April 20. The exchange has received all necessary information about the blockchain based on the technology of bitShares. In addition, the team Karma 29 Mar HitBTC again advised that KRM is not “usual” for many token exchanges standard ERC-20.

According to the representatives of Karma, the team regularly updated a project status for April, and representatives from HitBTC assured that it will be completed by the 20th of the same month. Karma always offered all sorts of technical assistance, but HitBTC has rejected these proposals.

HitBTC are unable to complete the work by the deadline, not been in touch for five days and then said that Karma was not notified developers that KRM is not a token of the standard ERC-20. According to representatives of the Karma Group, this is not true.

Since HitBTC do not specify a new deadline, but only vague estimates — “5 to 12” or “about 10 days”. Team Karma called these actions HitBTC fraudulent and is preparing to file a lawsuit against this cryptocurrency exchanges.

“Team Karma in favour of transparency and a high level of business ethics. Fathers cryptoeconomy stood for freedom, but complete freedom always comes with responsibility. We believe that the violation of the basic principles, particularly large market players, is unacceptable. So we decided to initiate this lawsuit”, — said the founder of Karma Yury Gugnin.

Recall that in December last year, the HitBTC users have experienced problems with the withdrawal of assets due to the impossibility of conducting transactions. The exchange explained the delay in the influx of new users.