A Swiss company, a provider of air transport services Swissport commenced trial launch of its own blockchain-based platform for handling. This was reported yesterday the online edition of Air Cargo News.

Pilot program is carried out with the support of NGOs Olam, specializing in the development of open platforms for partners to supply.

Lessens Hendrik (Hendrik Leyssens), head of global cargo Swissport, believes that the blockchain will help speed up transactions, improve the security of data on the supply, and also reduce operational costs. He added:

“Going far beyond traditional communication, the blockchain may eventually become an industry standard, giving us the opportunity to overcome the chronic shortage of transparency, so common in disparate supply chains”.

In addition to mainstream, Swissport plans to use the blockchain for passengers. In the framework of this initiative, the company will work with Winding Tree, a decentralized framework for managing the traffic flow. In the first phase, a distributed network will ensure the delivery of services such as access to business Lounges and lodges, to the ultimate consumers. Head of innovation Swissport Eggenschwiler Florian (Florian Eggenschwiler) said:

“We expect that this technology will have a lasting beneficial effect in fragmented industries such as air transportation services or supply chain. It certainly changes the character of interactions between service providers, their partners and customers. We are to understand these technologies at the early stages of the innovation cycles and to cooperate with the leaders of the IT sector to find out potential developments for various applications within our business.”

Logistics is one of the most popular commercial use of the blockchain. So, two weeks ago, a subsidiary of LG has launched its blockchain-a platform for the provision of logistic services in the field of Finance, industry and communication.