Bitcoin payroll service BitWage has launched a project designed to simplify companies conducting initial placement of coins (ICO).

BitWage has announced that it has created a new consulting firm InWage that will help traditional businesses to create and sell tokens. The platform includes modules for the procedures “know your customer” (KYC), payment processing, and payment of dividends, as well as the customizable home page and an administrative portal.

In addition, InWage will assist in the creation and auditing of smart contracts and the security of the web site. Using the new service customers will be able to help in marketing and public relations.

President BitWage ‘s Jonathan Chester (Jonathan Chester) said that the launch InWage was a response to appeals of individuals and companies for advice on technical and marketing aspects of ICO.

“We started to develop the technology of ICO, which people can use without relying on a third party. They will be able to license the software InWage themselves to use it. It’s actually one of the finer things in ICO the possibility of the sale of a digital asset without the requirements of a third party,” said Chester.

In the future, the firm expects to increase the number of services that will help “to make the ICO is available for companies of all types and sizes,” added the President BitWage.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal study found that nearly 19% of the ICO projects have the characteristic signs of fraud.