Only 8% of the more than 80 thousand blockchain projects launched in the world for all time, are still actively maintained. The average life expectancy is less than 15 months.

These data led the Director of the research Institute of cloud computing and big data research, Chinese Academy of information and communication technologies (CAICT) , Baohong Ho (He Baohong).

“These projects appear very quickly, but so quickly and die. In these circumstances, governments around the world accelerate their efforts to create common standards to help blockchain projects towards realistic applications,” he said.

Your comments the Director of the Institute CAICT made at the conference China International Big Data Industry Expo 2018 in Guangzhou, where he called on governments to develop common standards for the blockchain.

“We launched in China approved program for the blockchain, and nearly 200 private companies have expressed interest to join. This will help the technology and industry of the blockchain become more transparent and open,” said Khe, Baohong.

The Chinese authorities have shown great interest in research and implementations of solutions based on blockchain technology. For example, it was reported about the intention of the audit Department of the country to transfer to DLT-decision data storage. Attention to the development of new technologies manifests itself at the regional level — informed the authorities of the cities of Hangzhou and Shenzhen organizationally and financially supported the launch of the investment blockchain funds.