Known in the cryptocurrency community the trader Tone Weiss wrote on Twitter that his account on the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX has been closed due to suspicion that he is a U.S. citizen.

Just got my @BitMEXdotcom account terminated on suspicion of being a US Citizen. Anyone else find the timing of this odd?
The 900+ affiliates that accounted for half my income r gone going forward.
After #Conf Unconfiscatable expect prices on all services offered by me to rise.

— Tone Vays [@Bitcoin] (@ToneVays) November 12, 2018

Shortly before Weiss has published a statement which drew attention to the fact that BitMEX during the upcoming hard fork Bitcoin Cash in case of a split blockchain intends to use in their contracts the chain Bitcoin ABC and not to include them in the Bitcoin chain SV. The message he also attached a referral link. With your own words the trader to close their account at BitMEX was tied over 900 referrals.

It is worth noting that Weiss is indeed a U.S. citizen, however, BitMEX, according to its own rules not accepting US residents and some other jurisdictions, until recently, was known for his loyal attitude to this demand. While Weiss noted that over the past year spent in the United States about 30 days, so his status as a “resident” as specified in the rules, the US is controversial.

Note that last week the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) took action against the operator of the exchange EtherDelta, which was charged with the service of trading in securities without registration. Comment on the decision of the American regulator, the experts agreed that it could have far-reaching consequences for the cryptocurrency industry.

Weiss also said that the exchange gave him the time that he could request withdrawal of the remaining funds and closed the account, which he used for 4 years. Along with the account was closed and received public short position of Weiss that he took $6 150, calling it “the first and possibly the only deal on bitcoin this year”.

BitMEX for its part has not commented on the events.

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