The us Commission on commodity futures trading (CFTC) has issued an order under which a fine was imposed of $1,146 million, banned in the future to engage in trading and sentenced to imprisonment for 15 months trader Joseph Kim (Joseph Kim) of Arizona.

According to the regulator, he lured five investors bitcoin and Litecoin to $545 thousand, and before that assumed the cryptocurrency former employer, trading company of Chicago, $601 thousand, explaining the transfer of funds from corporate accounts to private requirements kryptomere to security issues. Caught in a lie, Kim was fired and came up with a new fraud scheme.

Money savers Kim coined to earned to return the funds to the former employer – but the words he invested them in the development of their own trading companies. In one high-risk transactions, Kim lost all of the investments.

We will remind that last week the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) has accused the founder of the decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges EtherDelta Coburn Zachary (Zachary Coburn) in the control is not passed official registration of the exchange securities. According to the SEC, the platform EtherDelta designed for secondary trade tokens standard ERC20, which is a digital securities.