Chinese giant Bitmain, which claims the monopoly in bitcoin mining became one of the 21 producers of the units in your network EOS, the leader of the Chinese ranking of cryptocurrencies. It is reported by the Finance Magnates.

Antpool, one of the mining pools, Bitmain, July 3 received enough votes to become one of the manufacturers of power EOS. According to Eostracker, Poole gained almost 55 million votes and now earns 868 EOS per day (about $7700 at the current exchange rate of cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap).

Another prominent manufacturer of power — the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, which earns 1017 EOS (over $9000) per day.

Recall that recently the company Bitmain, which owns two of the largest bitcoin pools ( and Antpool) has reached more than 43% Hasrat in the network of bitcoin that further increase the mining capacity of the pools could potentially bring Bitmain to capture the network through attack 51%.

Also after the recent launch of its own blockchain EOS in June, the producers of blocks contrary to the Constitution of the platform unanimously adopted the decision to freeze seven accounts that allegedly contained stolen funds. This decision was widely criticized due to the fact that it was knowingly made in violation of the rules set out in the Constitution and EOS requiring that such resolution was adopted by the arbitration (the manufacturers of the blocks should only execute the verdict).