The largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain is among the 21st validator units EOS – Chinese competitor to Ethereum.

The necessary number of votes to obtain this status was achieved on 3 July. Now Bitmain will be able to receive compensation for confirming transactions in the blockchain EOS.

A representative of Bitmain in the network will be mining a pool of EOS AntPool managed by AntPool is one of the biggest pools a subsidiary of the company.

EosAntPool has become one of the 21 #EOS block producers. Thanks so much for all your support, vote and trust. EosAntPool will keep working on #EOS community development and construction. Let’s rebuild the world together.

— AntPool (@AntPoolofficial) July 3, 2018

In addition, there are two Bitmain Pula – and ViaBTC. Together, these three pool accounts for more than 50% BTC blocks mined in the last 7 days.

Because of this level of centralization Bitmain is now being actively discussed in the cryptocurrency community. In particular community members concerned about the possible loss of decentralization in the bitcoin blockchain.

At the moment EOS AntPool occupies the 10th place in the voting on the network EOS. In the first position among those who support the work of the blockchain, located cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

Recall that the core network EOS were activated and launched on 15 June, but the next day it was a global freezing of transactions.