Japanese Internet giant GMO announced the release of miner for bitcoin on the basis of 7 nm ASIC chips. The new model is called GMO miner B3, according to bitcoin.com.

If the performance of the predecessor the new model GMI miner B2 was 24 Th/s, Hasrat new model reaches 33 Th/s. The equipment is built on the same chips: GMO72b.

Note that the previous model consumed in total 1,950 Watts or 81 Watts per Th/s. Updated miner with a speed of 33 Th/s 417 consumes 3 Watts or 103 Watts per TH/s.

“The main characteristic of the GMO miner B3 is the maximum of Hasrat 33 Th/s, as well as the possibility of optimal settings Hasrat, depending on the environment and the global Hasrat”, — emphasized in the company.

The ability to adjust Hasrat and energy consumption under the environment as one of the main functions of the equipment.

“After sales B2 some customers had requested the function settings Hasrat, so we accelerated the development of this opportunity, as well as energy consumption. In miner B3 this feature will be implemented,” — noted in the GMO.

This assumes support of two modes: automatic and manual. As the name suggests, when you use automatic mode, the device configures, based on Hasrat from the environment and various indicators such as global Hasrat. All this allows to increase the efficiency of bitcoin mining.

Also for GMO miner available B3 B2 existing services, including firmware updates, monitoring equipment status and the possibility of Daisy-chain connection of up to 32 devices.

Sales of GMO miner B3 will start in November, and prices for the updated miner will remain the same – 1999 dollars. Moreover, the representatives of the GMO specify that users miner B2 will be able to update it to B3 for free. Package includes two power supplies, but delivery will have to pay extra. Warranty limited to 6 months.

Recall that B3 GMO miner first miner bitcoin, was fully developed in Japan was presented in early June.