Italian cryptocurrency exchange Bitgrail did not admit his guilt in the kidnapping hackers 17 million tokens XRB (Nano/RaiBlocks) among its users, but has agreed voluntarily to compensate them for the damages.

The document prepared and released by the operator and the owner of the exchange Verano Francesco (Francesco “The Bomber” Firano) States that Bitgrail will work again soon and will ask clients to sign a waiver.

After the restart, the holders of all tokens, except the Nano, will have access to their funds in full, and the balance of the token Nano owners will enroll only 20% of what they had before the break-in of the exchange. The remaining 80% of victims of burglary will receive special tokens BGS (Bitgrail Shares). In the future, the exchange will buy the tokens back for $10,50 per unit, expecting to spend half the monthly income.

Recall that the crypto currency exchange Binance announced a bounty program aimed at the search for hackers and other intruders that may try to hinder the work of the site. For this purpose Binance allocates $10 million