The international blockchain company Bitfury Group has entered into a partnership with payment processing HadePay. This was reported in the company blog.

According to representatives of Bitfury, thanks to the cooperation with HadePay, merchants from USA, Canada and the EU will be available to the bitcoin payments using the network of the second level Lightning Network (LN).

HadePay integrated support LN the interface of Peach Merchant API, which is designed to make payments fast, convenient and inexpensive. In Bitfury said that once payment is received, merchants can instantly convert bitcoin to another currency.

Processing HadePay working on a “hybrid” model, treating as Fiat and cryptocurrency payments. Platform “friendly” to the major services like PayPal, Apple Pay and Square.

“Bitcoin has always been a good and inexpensive alternative Vietnam payments. Thanks to a new partnership with BTC payments become as easy as Fiat services. This will facilitate mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the commercial sphere”, — said CEO and founder HadePay Brian Nichols.

Lightning Network infrastructure continues to evolve rapidly. So, for the last 30 days number of payment channels has grown by almost 50%. Also during this time, a 54% increase in network capacity.

The LN-channels approaching 40,000 and network capacity exceeded 1000 BTC

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