The cryptocurrency exchange has introduced a new version of the mobile application, which was at the stage of closed beta testing from October 2018.

Trade seamlessly on the go with the brand new, full-functionality Bitfinex app.

Visit your App Store to get started today.

— Bitfinex (@bitfinex) 12 fierce 2019 R.

According to the developers, the app is created for users who need “to trade on the move”. Also, according to them, the application “will naturally fit into the rich lifestyle of professional traders, minimizing the risk of missed opportunities.”

However, judging by social media feedback, the updated application does have limitations. So, one Twitter user wrote that the app does not connect to the network, while the old version Bitfinex App works fine.

My app has been unable to connect to the network, I mentioned this problem in the test and you have not solved it! My iPhone network is normal, the old version of the app can connect to the network!

— 张东 (@jpkoye) 12 fierce 2019 R.

Another user complains that his error messages went unanswered support Bitfinex. The app, according to him, works badly.

Seamlessly? Far from it.
More like “super laggy and not usable”

And the response from support after beta-testing reports: silence.
Well done. Not.

— Markus Zancolò (@mkuegi) 12 fierce 2019 R.

“Organically? Not at all. More “Superformance and unusable”

We will remind, in the beginning of this year Bitfinex moved to the new servers.