Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has introduced a new trading platform Ethfinex Trustless based on Ethereum, which is to return members of the crypto community control over their funding, combined with the advantages of a decentralized system. Users Ethfinex Trustless promise the absence of the registration process and the procedure of KYC, no delays during placement and withdrawal of assets – thanks to the work directly through cryptococal MetaMask, Ledger, best wallet and the Keystore, as well as custodial services.

The creators of the crypto currency exchange emphasize that among its unique features is the access to “one of the most liquid in cryptosphere” books of trading orders – Bitfinex and Ethfinex.

Initially the guests will be able to conduct operations in currency pairs with three cryptocurrencies: ETH/USDT, OMG/OMG and USDT/ETH, ZRX/USDT and ZRX/ETH, and a week will add support for more than 40 tokens, including stablon Dai, and implemented smart contracts 0x V2. To start trading in the first two weeks after launching the site, users will need to have at least one token Nectar (NEC). It will also be their gaining access to the decision-making about the future development of the site and the extension listing.

Recall that on 26 September at the conference Blockchain Live in London Bitfinex also plans to introduce a beta version of the decentralized exchange (DEX) EOSfinex.