Microsoft founder bill gates said on Monday that he would put against bitcoin if I could do it.

“As an asset class you do not produce anything, so you should not expect that its price will rise. This type of investment is the embodiment of the greater fool theory in its purest form,” he said in conversation with CNBC. “I agree that I would have shorted it if this was a simple way”.

In the air gates also announced that he became the owner of bitcoins, after he gave a cryptocurrency birthday, but several years later he sold it.

“I am convinced that bitcoin ICO is one of the craziest, speculative things,” he said, adding, as many critics of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain technology has its indisputable advantages.

Gates angered the cryptocurrency community in February of this year, when answering questions, a Reddit user, wrote: “Now cryptocurrencies are used for purchases of fentanyl and other drugs. This is one of the few technologies that have caused deaths, in General, directly”.

In October last year, the charitable Foundation of bill and Melinda gates Foundation has provided a payment solution on the basis of the Ripple Protocol, focused on residents of the regions, access to banking services which is limited.

UPD: bill gates is on the Board of Directors of Berkshire Hathaway. With gates in a live CNBC appeared CEO Warren Buffett and Vice Chairman Charlie Munger, who at the weekend have once again criticized bitcoin.

Interestingly, a few years ago, gates extolled the benefits of cryptocurrency.

“Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap can be the transaction,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg in October 2014. “Bitcoin is better than currency because you do not have to be in the same place, and of course for large transactions currency rather inconvenient.”