The Icelandic police force was sent to China’s request for 600 mining plants, which in late April was seized in China. About it reports the Icelandic national broadcasting service.

Chinese police confiscated equipment in connection with a case of theft after the local grid operator in the North-Eastern city of Tianjin noticed abnormally high consumption. The investigation was discovered broken junction box, through which the organizers of the scheme connected to the network of bitcoin miners, hoping to avoid the cost of electricity.

After the seizure of equipment, among which were eight powerful fans, the Tianjin police said that it was “the largest theft of energy in recent years”.

Curiously, the number of computers seized in China, coincides with the number of units stolen in Iceland: in total, four separate burglaries disappeared 600 pieces. Then also lost 100 power sources, 100 motherboards, 100 storage and 100 processors.

Icelandic media called it a “bitcoin Heist of the century” and the result of organized criminal activity. The stolen equipment was valued at more than $2 million that made this event probably the largest theft in the history of the country.

It is unclear whether there is a connection between the incidents in Iceland and China, or is it a mere coincidence.

The alleged organizer of the theft of Thor Sindri Stefansson escaped from the Icelandic prison, got to Keflavik international airport, boarded the plane (which was also the Prime Minister of Iceland) and flew to Sweden. However, a week later he was arrested in Amsterdam and since then he regretted that he had escaped from the comfortable prison in Iceland.