The missing part of the assets of the canadian cryptocurrency exchanges QuadrigaCX can “with high probability” to be on the exchanges Poloniex and Bitfinex. About this in his report, said the authors of the blog Zerononcense.

The authors of the report claim that they were able to track the transfers in the amount of 649 708 ETH (about $100,4 million at the time of the transaction).

They installed 12 Ethereum-wallet, which, according to their supposition, belong to QuadrigaCX, and noticed that the last transaction with them was held December 8, 2018, that is, the day before the death of the founder of the exchange Gerald Cotto:

  • 0x0ee4e2d09aec35bdf08083b649033ac0a41aa75e
  • 0xd72709b353ded6c8068cc78988613587a4cae8de
  • 0xb6aac3b56ff818496b747ea57fcbe42a9aae6218
  • 0x027beefcbad782faf69fad12dee97ed894c68549
  • 0x45cab8d124fce8663581172c614f2ee08d01d48e
  • 0x696dd748a2edd9692ed93bd592dd2f293483eada
  • 0x0247bc4e03142079cfa2e3daf500722ed0f9a6b2
  • 0xd543154fb94528c4fc54b9c27128c2d86c6322be
  • 0x67fC93fD01A15D9FB02a80D0AE6207fb45625be4
  • 0xb90a82ec61627885eab72f4253939285ba40c91d
  • 0x79855af491352646e73bd12d7b92d6c814e71b4c
  • 0x57b727dc48b5d9261958e0fb9f94fa02dc328bf6

“Joint analysis of CEO MyCrypto Taylor Monaghan, Elementus, and author of the report allows to conclude that exchanges Poloniex and Bitfinex there are funds owned by QuadrigaCX”, — says the publication.

However, to ensure that these assets remain on the said exchanges, is impossible.

By assumption, Taylor Monaghan, QuadrigaCX could use data from its own customers to register accounts on other exchanges.

“Don’t forget that users Quadriga passed the identification. That is exchange a bunch of KYC data. They could open accounts on any of these data in order to subsequently transfer the money,” she said.

We will remind, in February it became known that the exchange QuadrigaCX has lost access to the users for $190 million ($137 million in cryptocurrency and $53 million in Fiat). This amount is due to previously unreported liabilities may, however, be higher by $6 million.

Researchers exchange Coinbase was able to detect clusters that are more likely are a cold storage QuadrigaCX. The funds, according to analysts, was transferred to manual mode, and the output of balances was completed in early 2018.

In turn, the Elementus researchers argue that there are no cold storages for Ethereum at QuadrigaCX have never been, and the exchange was derived in the order of 268 thousand ETH on the exchange platform ShapeShift.

Previously popular bitcoin exchange Kraken announced its readiness to pay a reward of $100,000 for information that will help in finding the assets of QuadrigaCX.