Switzerland-based Dukascopy Bank launched on the eve of airdrop cryptocurrency Dukascoin, thus becoming, according to his own statement, the first regulated Bank, which conducts the ICO and has its own cryptocurrency.

Dukascopy originally planned to launch airdrop tokens Dukascoin today, 1 March, but moved the deadline one day forward because he did not want this event coincided with the launch of stablemen from the Japanese Bank Mizuho.

“We learned that Mizuho Bank has announced the launch of their token on the same day. We accepted the challenge and moved the date forward to February 28 – one day before”, — stated in the message of Dukascopy.

Dukascoin represent tokens of the standard ERC-20 and will be initially available as a reward for using their own Bank messenger Connect 911 and related multi-currency accounts. Before the Swiss Bank announced that every user who opened multi-currency account will receive five tokens, there is also a referral system. These tokens can be sold on the Bank created the domestic market or withdrawn to external wallets.

As noted by CEO Andre Duka, Dukascopy, apart from security, which provided the domestic market, its another advantage is that ongoing it operations are regarded as official Bank statements, recognized in other financial institutions.

We will remind, in January, a Dukascopy Bank has announced a partnership with the exchange Bitstamp, through which its customers had the opportunity to make transactions with bitcoin.